Clé de sol wooden clock

Confident after these two previous achievements technically mastered, I started my own models on specific topics. The first that came to mind was music and takes out the note. The recoil escapement George Graham remains the basis of this model.

It’s all here notes and keys. This musical clock beats the second by a slight “tick tock” deaf characteristic of wood.

The 27 hours of operation are provided by a weight of 500 grams, which is a better return than for old Grandfather clock. The frame is made of bamboo natural color. Any other wood having a fineness of grain or a particular specificity can of course be used.

It makes a full time job in the living room near the fireplace.

As it can also be done on other models, I added later a quartz movement to drive only the minute hand, which ensures the hour when the weight is at the end of de-winding and the when the mechanical movement is stopped. As shown here, it is conceivable variants. The central model has two gears less and uses a pulley amplifier system for suspending the weight.

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